Tinted Moisturizers with SPF to Use Year-Round

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Because at this point, all your base layers should come with broad-spectrum coverage.

The focus on sun care usually peaks leading into the summer months, when we’re outdoors more often and daylight hours are longer. But the reality is that broad-spectrum sunscreen is one of the most effective skin-protecting, anti-aging tools in our arsenal, and we should be thinking about SPF numbers year-round.

Dr. Benjamin Barankin, a dermatologist and Medical Director of Toronto Dermatology Centre, recommends looking for products with a sun protection factor of at least 15, and ideally up to SPF 30. “I advise applying the product to your entire face, and then adding a second coat,” says Dr. Barankin. “Most people apply only a third to half the amount they actually need for a given area and often miss spots, especially around the eyes.”

The easiest way to include sun protection in your morning routine without adding extra time or new products? By starting with SPF-enhanced tinted lotions and creams, which are light, simple to apply, and roll moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen into one step for anyone who prefers a more low-key, natural-skin look.

Here are some of our favourite sunscreen-added base layers, ranging from barely tinted to medium coverage. Because who wouldn’t want to sleep in for an extra two minutes every day?

The Nudist

This sheer, tinted moisturizer is so subtle that it comes in only one shade. The airy formula packs in coffee beans, panax ginseng and SPF 40, which is more protection than many traditional sunscreens on the market provide.

Origins GinZing SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer, $49 at Sephora.

The Naturalist

If you love a dewy, almost barefaced look, don’t be surprised if this award-winning moisturizer becomes your new everyday bestie. Natural ingredients like black currant, peony flower root extract and vitamin C help with age spots, while sodium hyaluronate improves skin texture.

Beautycounter Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage Broad Spectrum SPF 20, $55 at beautycounter.com.

The Workhorse

This tinted moisturizer, featuring hydrolyzed pearl amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and walnut seed extracts, is made without artificial colours or fragrances. Instead, the subtle, natural pigment comes from iron oxide. The lightness of the formula makes it easy and quick to apply, but Sheer Tint provides enough coverage that you probably won’t need to follow up with concealer.

Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20, $65 at dermalogica.ca.

The Traditionalist

This medium-coverage, creamy foundation includes the radiance-boosting Illuminating Complex EX, which works to repair skin damage while moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin. It’s a splurge product, but worth it for the plush feel of the special oil-to-gel formulation, and the polished, glowing base that takes less than a minute to apply.

Clé de Peau Beauté The Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 21, $337.39 at Nordstrom.