The Guide: Winter Care For Your Shoes

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The footwear prep and maintenance tips you need to know.

Most of us love our shoes. Unfortunately, Canadian winters can be particular hard on footwear, and taking good care of your most delicate soles will involve a bit of prep work, a few specialty products, and the diligence for occasional touch-ups.

After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than investing in an expensive pair of calfskin boots or suede heels and then having to permanently retire them after a few months due to salt damage or water stains. To prevent and minimize damage and weather-related wear and tear, here are the five essential products to keep in your arsenal.

Wet and Wild

If you have only five minutes to devote to winter-shoe prep, spend that time spraying all of your best boots with this water-based treatment.

Nikwax Nubuck Leather Proofing, $9.75 at Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Buff Away

Waterproof rubber boots, when paired with boot socks or warm insoles, can be a great winter option for slushy streets and slippery sidewalks. Buffing them will quickly remove the white marks and scuffs that often appear on well-worn styles.

Hunter Rubber Buffer, $14 at

Brush Up

Suede and nubuck leather can be tricky materials all year-round. Use this handy eraser to remove marks or stains — dampen the rubber lightly to tackle particularly tough spots, then go over the area with the nylon bristle brush to restore the suede’s nap or texture.

Red Wing Nubuck And Suede Care Kit, $12 at J.Crew.

Keep Moisturized

Buy your favourite leather boots a matching care cream, and apply this mixture of oils, wax and pigment at least once a month to keep the surface looking vibrant and feeling pliable. Leather is a natural hide, and much like our skin, it needs frequent moisturizing throughout the winter to stay in top shape.

Ecco Smooth Leather Care Cream, $10 at

Wipe Out

No matter where you live, salt stains and muddy puddles are an unavoidable part of winter in Canada. Keep these wipes in your foyer and you’ll never have another excuse to leave the house in dirty, salt-crusted shoes. Because there’s no excuse for that.

Aldo Wipes, $7.99 at