These Sheet Masks Are (Almost) Better Than A Facial

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No time for a trip to the spa? Try an easy-to-use, skin-enhancing sheet mask instead.

When sheet masks hit our beauty radar a few years ago, the options were pretty limited. Thankfully, our favourite beauty brands have caught up with the trend, spoiling us skincare junkies with innovative materials and targeted treatments for every skin type. Whether you’re late to the sheet mask party, or simply want to refresh your routine, we’ve rounded up a few choice picks, along with a few insider tips, to help you raise your sheet-mask game.

Farmacy Clear Day Mask Medley, $32 at Sephora.

Cool Down

It’s officially time to gear up for the holiday season, which means prepping your skin for a whirlwind of parties. These comfy coconut gel masks are perfect for pampering morning-after skin that feels a little worse for wear, or tending to complexions traumatized by winter’s frigid winds.

Insider Tip: Take It to Go
“Sheet masks are the perfect travel product — pop one in your carry-on bag and use while you’re relaxing en route to your destination. Personally, I always have a couple in my bag!” – Mark Veeeder, Co-founder of Farmacy

Rodial Snake Oxygenating and Cleansing Bubble Mask, $78 for a pack of 8 at Murale.

Clean Sweep

Cleansing masks are great for skin in need of a detox. This effervescent option goes to work as soon as you put it on, with oxygen bubbles that fizz away to give skin a healing boost as it gives pores a good, deep clean.

Insider Tip: Mask in the Morning
“Contrary to popular belief, masks should be used in the day time as part of a morning routine on cleansed, dirt-free skin.”– Natalie Taylor, Senior New Product Development Manager, Rodial

For Beloved Girl Oil Control Mineral Mask, $13 at T&T locations nationwide.

Under Control

Made from natural fibres, this gauzy sheet fights bacteria and excess oil production with a breakout-busting combo of zinc gluconate and tea-tree oil. Unlike other treatment masks, this one doesn’t leave behind a heavy serum or greasy residue, which is a godsend for anyone whose skin produces way more oil than it needs to.

Insider Tip: Material Matters

“The mineral mask collection uses a revolutionary mask carrier called “cloud-silk” which is transparent and invisible, with a high degree of elasticity for complete coverage of tender skin. The ultra-fine cotton fibers lock in more serum.”
Margaret Wu, Founder of For Beloved One.

Decléor Aurabsolu Hydrogel Mask, $18 at Hudson’s Bay.

Glow Getter

Trust a Parisian brand known for harnessing powers of aromatherapy to turn mundane masking into a decadent ritual. This two-step routine starts off with Decleor’s heavenly Neroli Oil serum and ends with the kind of dewy glow associated with supermodels — which makes sense considering these are reported to be a backstage staple at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. (Supermodels, they’re just like us!)

Insider Tip: Try Before You Buy
“Finding the right masks for you will take a few trials, since everyone reacts to certain ingredients differently. [When shopping for masks, try] asking for a sample, or buy the travel-size format first to see how you react before investing in the full-size product.”– Ashley Kazlauskas, Lead Educator for Decléor Canada