This $17 Online Find Completely Changed My Skincare Routine

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A love letter to the jade roller.

As someone who approaches most beauty trends with skepticism, wondering whether I really need to re-evaluate my regular beauty routine yet again, I was surprised to find myself adding a jade roller to my Amazon shopping cart one afternoon. I was deep in holiday-stress mode, rocking a puffy face that resulted from a too-long to-do list and far too many libations. Not wanting to spend much money on something I wasn’t convinced would really make much of a difference, I found a $17 jade roller that didn’t make me cringe at my already busted December budget, pressed “proceed to checkou,t” and then basically forgot about it until an Amazon box arrived my house two days later.

Let’s just say it was one of the best impulse purchases I’ve ever made. While only time will tell if my tireless efforts to slow the signs of aging have been successful, the most immediate and visible result after a few uses was the de-puffing. I have mild rosacea that tends to flare up when I drink pretty much anything but water, but after a few swipes of the jade roller, my skin always looks and feels way happier. And, quite frankly, if that’s the only result I get out of it, I would still consider it $17 well spent.

So, what does a jade roller do?

Similar to facial massages, the jade roller, among other dermal massage tools, is meant to promote blood circulation in your face and help drain lymphatic fluid (which can make your face feel swollen and actually weaken your immune system). With better circulation and less fluid, you’ll see fewer fine lines and wrinkles, reduced redness and improved skin texture — not to mention zero evidence that you over-indulged in yet another salty charcuterie spread. Many brands claim that facial rollers can also help stimulate collagen production, though little evidence has been found to support that claim. However, that doesn’t mean that improved blood circulation doesn’t go a long way. The cool touch of the jade stone also helps to de-puff and soothe unhappy skin. Plus, jade is viewed as having healing and soothing properties by the crystal-loving set, so, at the very least, it’ll allow you to roll some good vibes onto your face.

How to use it

To get the best results, roll in an upward motion. While the inclination, even when applying skincare products, is to massage in a circular or downward motion (especially on our necks), there’s no point in doing gravity any favours by pulling your skin down, which will inevitably promote sagging. By rolling in an upward motion, you’re also helping to direct that lymphatic drainage toward the proper channels, as well as prevent fluids from building up. Use the tiny end of the jade roller to reach the under-eye area and the sides of your face closest to your ears (an area people tend to neglect when it comes to all things skincare). You can use it either on bare skin or over top of your skincare products to help with absorption, though take note that you do run the risk of some of your face cream rubbing off on the roller itself. You can even pop it in your fridge or freezer for an added cooling effect.

How to care for it

If you’re the only one using it, you probably don’t need to clean your jade roller too often, however, much like everything else you put on your face, you should wash it once in a while. (If you’re wondering what I mean, take a look at your makeup brushes and ask yourself when the last time was that you washed them!) Consider wiping it with a gentle facial cleansing cloth or washing with warm water and a touch of soap or shampoo once a week (or once a month, at least).

Roll with it

Tons of other brands have jumped on board with the jade rollers — and have even added in a few crystal variations to change up your vanity. Here are our top picks of the latest skincare tools worth adding to your rotation.