Editor Approved: CoverGirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation

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When a budget-friendly foundation comes along that makes us set our luxury bottles aside, we figure that’s worth a #notsponsored share.

CoverGirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation, $14 at Walmart.

The first CoverGirl product to combine makeup and skincare, Vitalist Elixir Foundation is a hydrating, oil-free formula featuring skin-enhancing vitamins B3, B5 and E. Infused with SPF 20, the lightweight foundation also protects against sun damage while offering full coverage and a filter-like glow.

As per the advice of makeup artist and CoverGirl spokesperson Veronica Chu, I’ve been using a damp sponge to “bounce” a quarter-sized amount of product onto my skin, starting at the centre of my face and working outward. Sure enough, ever since I started using the foundation, my complexion has been the object of praise — a new development I relish, considering my less-than-perfect skin. Though I’ll never stop striving for a flawless bare face, an affordable foundation that creates the illusion is definitely the next best thing.

Besides, I’m not the only editor who’s fallen for this foundation. Here’s what other beauty experts have to say:

“I’m supremely picky when it comes to foundation. My skin is on the oily side, so most full-coverage foundations tend to get real cake-y real quick on me. That makes finding the right cover-up a challenge. What I love about CoverGirl’s Vitalist Elixir Foundation is that yes, it gives you that coverage, but it’s also totally weightless on my skin. No heavy build-up after a few hours, and the dewy finish adds the right amount of glow without looking shimmery.” – Emily MacCulloch, beauty editor

“Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation does the best job I’ve found of any foundation, drugstore or high-end,  at retaining moisture in the skin throughout the day. Fighting signs of dehydration, it doesn’t settle into fine lines, pores or dry patches while providing amazing coverage. It leaves skin with a plump, radiant glow and looks freshly applied, even at the end of the day, which is something so many formulas claim to do, but don’t. I do find it tends to oxidize a bit throughout the day (as I have found with many other Cove Girl foundations), which can be a bit frustrating, but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker — especially with the amazing texture. I tend to mix two shades together to find an ideal balance of undertones for my skin, and I make sure to apply the foundation all the way down my neck, too. The pros certainly out weigh the cons, and all you’ll see is a healthy, glowing complexion.” – Jessica Desjardins, founder of Beautezine

“A classic humectant that attracts moisture from the air and binds it to the skin, glycerin can be awfully sticky when used generously. Yet Covergirl dosed Vitalist Elixir with almost twice the glycerin and emollients they’d usually put in a foundation. The result is a non-sticky, lightweight and comfortable formula that, even with SPF 20, delivers a healthy-looking, glow-from-within, hours-long finish. Even better, the makeup actually kicks up skin’s water content to levels that remain elevated over 24 hours. That’s genius for this chronically dehydrated-skin girl. My combination complexion is prone to redness when it’s dehydrated, but Vitalist Elixir seem to keep it calm and content. I do need occasional minor powder applications to maintain that healthy-look sweet spot between shiny and mattified, but the extra hydration seems to balance the oiliness.” – Janine Falcon, founder of Beautygeeks