Shop To It: 5 Styles of Sunglasses You Actually Need

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Consider your optical wardrobe complete.


Aviators have been the sunglasses of every summer since the seventies, and the same is true for 2017. They’re classic yet contemporary, universally flattering and come in every colour under the sun (including this rose-tinted pair from Topshop — a fresh take on the timeless style).

Topshop Attitude Lens Sunglasses, $35 at The Bay.


Add these sophisticated sunnies to any outfit for an immediate shot of movie-star glamour. Black pairs perfectly with everything, and the matte frames offer an extra touch of chic. A bonus benefit? The oversized frame means added protection for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Quay High Tea Sunglasses, $71.70 at

Cat Eye

The cat-eye frame, which achieved cult status the minute Holly Golightly had breakfast at Tiffany’s wearing tortoiseshell Oliver Goldsmith Manhattans in 1961, has way more than nine lives. This pair from Le Specs is a modern spin on the timeless style.

Le Specs Liar Liar sunglasses in Volcanic Tort, $76.61 at


The minimalist design of the Wayfarer—clean lines, subtle curves, restrained detail—made it an immediate must-have in 1952. It oozed coolness without effort (that whole “less is more” thing is the real deal) and has been a classic ever since. Plus, everyone from Bob Dylan to Beyoncé has worn the style, so you know you’re in good company.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic, $190 at


You now have a style for any summer situation, but what about when you’re working out? This pair from Roka blocks every UV ray (A, B and C), features impact-resistant lenses (meaning they don’t scratch or fog up), and the grip pads at the nose and temples means you can run, volley a ball, or attempt crow pose in the park without them falling off.

Roka Vendée Performance Sunglasses, $217.20 at