3 Hair Truths from Jennifer Lawrence’s Go-To Stylist

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Celebrity hair pro Rebekah Forecast shares what’s in for wedding season, and what not to do with dry shampoo.

Launched in 2014 in the United States, Hair Food — a paraben- and mineral oil-free line of hair products featuring superfood ingredients such as honey, kiwi and ginger — is newly available in Canada this spring.

New York–based hair stylist Rebekah Forecast, who’s worked with celebrities such as the Olsen twins, Karlie Kloss and Jennifer Lawrence, has been an ambassador for Hair Food from the outset. We caught up with Forecast at a lunch hosted by Hair Food to get her top tips about hair health, red-carpet styles and applying dry shampoo.

Effortless is in
What are Forecast’s clients looking for these days when it comes to red carpets and special events? “Something that looks like they haven’t tried hard to get it,” she says, adding, “Something they could’ve done themselves, but with a bit more finish and shine.” Whether it’s a carefree soft wave with one side pinned back so it looks like she’s tucked it behind one ear, or a simple updo that’s slightly undone, the look is relaxed and effortless. Movement, soft hairstyles and hair that flows are all very much on trend, according to Forecast.

Extra shine always helps
“Women want to enhance what they have. One of those things is to have hair that’s in good condition,” explains Forecast. “If your hair looks dry, it reads ‘old’. If your hair is shiny, lustrous and healthy, it reads ‘young’,” she says. “Most women want to look younger,” she adds. In fact, Forecast tells us that she will never leave the house for work without bringing Hair Food’s dry shampoo, which she considers a key product. “You can transform a look in minutes, adding volume and shine to a dull, flat look.”

There’s a proper way to apply dry shampoo
A common dry shampoo mistake is holding the bottle too close when you’re spraying, reveals Forecast, which might leave visible residue. Instead, she recommends lifting up your hair in large sections, spraying at the root underneath from a distance of at least a few inches away, and letting the sections down one at a time, leaving the very top of your head — and your hair part — alone.

Hair Food Kiwi & Fig Dry Shampoo, $14.99 at mass and drug retailers.